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Assalamaulaikum and very good morning to all teacher and friends. My name is Muhamad Amirul Hakim from Sk Jengka 19. Today I would like to tell a story entitle “ The Watermelon Boat” .

Molly the mouse was going to visit her grandparent. “Good bye and be careful” said her mother. The sun was shinning brightly. Soon Molly felt very hot and thirsty. She saw some lovely juicy watermelon. Those will taste delicious. But Molly knew it was wrong to take thing without permission. “Hey Molly” Farmer Rabbit called. “I have right watermelon here. Come and have some” Molly was delighted. Molly ate the jucy watermelon. Yum….yum…yum..“Thank you Farmer Rabbit” Molly said.

“Now I have to continue on my way. Let me accompany you to the river” said Farmer Rabbit.

They reached the river but the bridge had been swept by the flood. Poor Molly burst into tears. How was she going to visit to her grandparent?.

Farmer Rabbit went back to his farm and make a boat out of a watermelon. “thank you Farmer Rabbit!” said Molly gratefully. “you are welcome” said farmer Rabbit

Molly arrived at her grandparent house.

“Grandma,grandpa” she called.

She was so happy to see them.

Ok friend we must help each other and don’t take thing without permission.

Before I step down from this stage I would like dedecate this song to all of you here.

The Watermelon Boat.

Molly is a little mouse,
Want to go his parent house,
But the bridge had falling down,
Famer Rabbit come and help,
And they got one good idea,
Use watermelon as a boat.

Thank you.

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